About Weddings: Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire YOU as our wedding photographer?

I simply love photographing weddings. Your wedding day gives me an opportunity to capture all of my favorite types of photography packed in to one day. Everything from portraits, landscapes, details, and events present themselves. Photographing weddings is an opportunity for me to use my creativity to bring your vision to life.

I’d like to be remembered as someone whose work brought joy and hope to others. I’m thankful for the people who chose me to share their joy as I provide a contribution that is real. My goal is to create images that will live in your family heirloom for years to come.

On your wedding day I want you to feel at ease and comfortable and have the best time of your life. I want you to trust me as your photographer. I want to be your story teller. I want to capture all the moments, but most of all, your love for one another.

Allow yourself to get lost in the moment. This is YOUR day. Enjoy your friends, family, and most of all, your significant other. Beyond the scheduled photo times, forget that I’m there and just live in the moment. Give hugs, kisses, embrace, laugh and love those who came to support you.

How many weddings have you photographed?

I have photographed over 40 weddings.

I’ve worked as a freelance photographer and photojournalist with newspapers and companies. I’ve had numerous publications, covered various events ranging from news to sports. All the photojournalism experiences have provided me with insight in how to tell a story – your wedding story!

I also hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Eastern Kentucky University. My artwork has been featured in galleries, shows and exhibitions. All the Fine art projects have prepared me to creatively express my personal ideas. Careful thought and expression goes into each and every photo I produce – let me put my personal touch on your special day!

Do you have an Assistant?

While my wife assists me with the editing process, and other aspects of my photography business, she is currently in graduate school and with three children, we attempt to be as conservative as possible with our babysitters. I have been a solo shooter or a “One-man band” for most of my career. I stand on my abilities as a comprehensive, well-rounded, solo photographer fully capable to document an event without assistance.

How far in advance should we book you? How do we book you?

ASAP – Shoot me an email at lovittdr@gmail.com, message me on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lovittstudios/

 or message me using the contact button below

I’ll need to look at my calendar to make sure I have your set date available. Once we’ve signed the wedding contract, and I’ve received your non-refundable deposit of $100, your date will be locked in on my calendar.

What if we change our date or would like to cancel?

If after the contract is signed, you change the wedding date there will be no charge to move to the new date if there is no scheduling conflict. If, however, the new date is unavailable, I will not be available and contract will be canceled. Please notify at least 30 days prior to scheduling date.

What information do you need from me before the wedding day?

The two most important requests I have are a rough schedule of the day and any special requests you may have.

Schedule – I would like to work with you on the planning to ensure the scheduling will allow me to capture every detail of your special day! If you have a wedding planner, I’d like to coordinate with them to ensure the scheduling allows for ample time and gives everyone the opportunity to know where to be at the appropriate times.

The ceremony time and whether or not you’d like to schedule a first look or prefer to see each other for the first time during the ceremony, can serve as guidelines for scheduling.

First Look or Traditional?

It’s totally up to you! From my perspective as your photographer, here’s my thoughts on both approaches based on my experience and my approach.

First Look - If spending as much time with your guests is what’s most important to you and you’d prefer your guests wait less time for your arrival to the reception, I’d recommend considering a first look. First looks are a great way to fully enjoy your cocktail hour and the company of your guests before the reception festivities really kick in! You’ll save a bunch of time by seeing each other early and getting some, if not all, of your portraits together, wedding party photos and family photos done before the ceremony. First looks are truly intimate moments as they can be private, take pressure away, and can be one of your most memorable moments of the day. Yes, walking down the aisle is emotional too, but you’ll be overwhelmed with emotion no matter what.

Traditional – The best time to take family group photos is immediately following the ceremony unless you’re having a first look. This includes the immediate family, grandparents, extended family, special guests and wedding party. To be honest, this can be the most time-consuming part of the day if not planned accordingly. There’s no possible way I can know who people are or be able to hunt down people for each group photo. Having a runner, a bridesmaid or family member gather the needed people for these photos can be the best plan of action. You (the couple) and I can remain stationary, and I’ll shoot as fast as possible without delay. Another good idea is to request those whom you’d like to have photos with remain in their seats or hang around following the Ceremony so they can easily be located.

How much time should I set aside during my wedding day for portraits of us together?

Unless you’re having a first look, the best time to schedule your portraits together is immediately following family photos and prior to the reception. This is truly my wheel-house; This is my favorite part of a wedding day. Please allow at least 15 minutes for us to privately sneak away. Ultimately, and “at the end of day”, your portraits together will be your most memorable photos, these are the ones you’ll be hanging on your walls and looking back at years from now – let’s make this possible, let’s plan to get away to a location which is beautiful and meaningful, and capture the photos you’ve always dreamed of! If we’ve planned your first look, we’ll coordinate to allow plenty of time. I shoot fast, and I have poses that I like to run through, but most importantly, I want you to feel comfortable and at ease. It’s my goal to capture your love for each other in the most natural and authentic way possible. This is an opportunity for my creative vision to come alive!

Special Requests

If you have any special requests, please feel free to let me know any time before the day if possible. Of course, I’m totally game for ideas during the day, but if I can come into the day knowing that you need a specific photo we can plan for this. For example, if you’d like a photo with uncle Bob whose coming in from three states away, and you know you aren’t going to get the opportunity to see him for a while, I can be sure to remind you at a specific time. Other special requests may include going to see an elderly grandparent who’s not going to be able to attend, visiting a grave site, or going to a site location. I’m open and game for any special requests you may have as long as it’s in the realm of possibility.

How would you describe your photography style?

My style is a blend of art and story-telling. I want my work to evoke emotions or hit a nerve and resonate with you. I like to anticipate the moments and the moments in between moments. I want to document the space where movement, emotions and raw feelings exist. When content that speaks to you meets composition, and lighting, the perfect photograph is created - I want every photograph I present to you to have these characteristics.

How would you describe your working style? giving direction or blending into the background to capture candid moments?

I prefer to blend into the background to capture candid moments as the day unfolds. I prefer to be unobtrusive and I want you to totally forget I’m there during your most memorable moments. Nonetheless, direction is needed during scheduled portraits, and group photos.

Can we order prints directly from you?

Yes, prints can be purchased directly from your online gallery. While you can have your photos printed at any printing lab, I deliver a high-quality print at a very affordable price.

How long after the wedding will we receive the images? How will they be delivered?

Please allow up to 2 weeks. We will schedule a meeting time and place where I can give your jump drive to you and I will post your online gallery.

Do you edit your photographs?

Yes, I use the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to edit each and every photograph. I give special attention to each photograph to produce a quality high resolution image. I do not mass produce and apply specific edits to groups of photos. I treat each photo from your day as a work of art.

Will we have the rights to the images?

Yes, you will have the rights to your images but I like to reserve the right to use and publish the images for advertising and/or display purposes. This may include but is not limited to photo sharing on social media, adding to my portfolio, and editorial use.

A photo print release is included in your package which grants you permission to reproduce the images and make an unlimited number of prints for personal use. Photo print labs may require this release be presented if you choose to have prints made.

How much of a deposit do you require? When is it due? How do you accept payments?

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due upon booking. The remaining balance is due any time before or after the wedding.

What is the backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for an unexpected reason?

Life happens and unfortunately there are things that can happen that are outside of our control. If case of emergency, or in an unlikely event, I will refer you to another professional wedding photographer.

Do you except a “Shot List”? If I have an idea from Pinterest, would you mind trying?

While I welcome a shot list, please trust my vision and experience to get all the necessary shots. Know that have a rapitua of images and I pull from my experiences in capturing details as they unfold. Also, I’m open to ideas and we can replicate other images, but every wedding is unique and special in its own way - please allow me to bring my creative vision to life.

On the flip side, however, a shot list can be helpful with formal family photos and lead to a quicker and smoother process.

Will you be posting about our wedding on your website and social media?

Yes, I would like use your wedding photos to promote my services which may include posting to my website and social media. However, I also respect your privacy so if you’d prefer that I refrain from posting, please let me know.