Grandpa #1

Darrell's Grandfather, Delbert Gibbs was a special character who live a simple life. It was not until Darrell began photographing him, that he developed an understanding of the significance in how he chose to live and its meaning and relationship to the outside world. Darrell's Grandfather lived his everyday life by hand-building and crafting tools, fences, and sheds for farming as well as planting his own food and raising cattle. Clearly, he had very deep ties to nature and his immediate environment. The award-wing image, "Grandpa #1" serves as a lasting reminder of the impact those who came before us had, and prompts a greater understanding of the past, and a greater appreciation and admiration of character.

Grandpa #1

Limited Edition Prints (250 of each size)

  • Small (image size 8" x 12")
  • Medium (image size 12" x 18")
  • Large (image size 18" x 24")

Prints are matted, framed (using non-glare glass, and wooden frames), and ready to hang!

Certificate of Authenticity included

S $100/M $250/L $400